These 5 NBA jerseys can be called the top classic jerseys

Which NBA team has the best-looking jerseys? These 5 can be called the most classic

Every team in the NBA has its own NBA jerseys, and as times change their jerseys are constantly being updated. Throughout the league’s 30 teams, the following five teams’ jerseys are classics among the classics, and I believe many fans have spent a lot of money to acquire collections.

1. Lakers jersey

The Lakers’ purple and gold jerseys are the only ones that stand out among the NBA’s league-wide teams, and Kobe’s purple and gold jerseys are the most profound memories of a generation of people, and the No. 24 jersey is currently the best-selling one. The purple and gold jersey reached the peak of his career, the current league leader James is also wearing the purple and gold jersey, let us look forward to the Lakers’ purple and gold dynasty once again.

2. Heats jersey

The Heat’s classic jerseys are also very popular, especially Wade’s No. 3 jersey, how comfortable it is to look at, the year of the Zhan Wei line is also wearing a Heat jersey to bring us a visual feast, once the Flash wearing a Heat jersey still in front of my eyes, look at his Heat jersey of the year will instantly feel the blood boiling, as if I had returned to the field of youth.

3. Warriors jersey

In recent years the Warriors jersey is also loved by the majority of fans, white and yellow style with the Warriors home arena is also very eye-catching, the Warriors five big heads wearing the jersey this jersey is also gorgeous, the current Warriors have identified four years three championship excellent results, this season is a great opportunity to defend the title, the establishment of the Warriors dynasty.

4. Cavaliers jersey
The little emperor James was as invincible as the Cavaliers on the field, the classic No. 23 jersey is also deeply imprinted in people’s minds, I believe many fans are bought this jersey, when the little emperor again wearing No. 23 jersey back to the Cavaliers in 2015, is also set off a wave of jersey craze, it is that: the day of the broken sword recast, the Cavaliers returned to the time. The Cavaliers also won the first championship since the team was founded in the 2016 finals in a desperate turnaround.

5. Spurs jersey

The Spurs jersey can be said to have always been very classic, black and white is also very eye-catching, the Spurs have been the traditional powerhouse of the West for 20 years, so far, the Spurs jersey has appeared in the playoffs for 22 consecutive years, the Spurs also won five championships over the years, this season the Spurs are also able to play in the playoffs, this black and white team has never let people The Spurs are as sharp as the iron spikes on their jerseys.

Durant: Thunders, Warriors and Nets must retire my jersey

Durant: Thunders, Warriors and Nets must retire my jersey

Kevin Duran NBA jerseys

I have to admit that the Bucks are the biggest favorites to win the title in the East, they are tough on the ball, especially Giannis Antetokounmpo, whose dominance is no less than James in his prime. In the game with the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo cut 44 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists to help the Bucks narrowly defeat the Bucks, while Durant was obviously suppressed. Only 26 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists, and almost got injured. This season is Durant’s third season with the Nets, so far the particles are not collected, if not for Brooklyn to get the championship, Tsai boss will retire Durant’s No. 7 jersey?

#35 Kevin Durant Warriors Jerseys

Recently, Durant talked about the topic of retiring jerseys in an interview with reporters, he said the Thunder must retire their jerseys, “If they didn’t do that, it would hurt basketball, and certainly the Warriors. I’m still doing the same thing in Brooklyn, and if I can continue what I’m doing now for the next four or five years, then I think the Nets are going to have to retire my jersey as well.” Apparently, Durant thinks the Thunder and Warriors must retire his jersey, while treating the Nets differently, which is to just play for a long and consistent period of time.

Warriors need not say much, although Durant because of certain aspects and management to get some stiff, but basically have been sure that the Warriors will retire Durant’s No. 35 jersey. The three seasons, helping the team three finals, two championships, in addition to the FMVP were awarded to Durant, to be honest, the warriors can not be for the championship winner retired jersey, years ago, the warriors boss has made it clear that they will retire Durant’s 35 jersey, so the warriors do not need to discuss, of course, the Thunder can not be sure.

#35 Kevin Durant Thunders Jerseys

The Thunder is where Durant’s dream began, where he played for a total of nine seasons, leading the team to four Western Conference Finals and one trip to the Finals, but unfortunately did not win the title. To be honest, Durant did not bring too many substantial honors for the Thunder, in addition to the 2015-16 season was killed by the Warriors, Durant and the Thunder’s relationship began to stiffen, especially the fan base, so far may not be able to forgive Durant to leave in that way, the Thunder boss will not retire Durant’s jersey, or to see the views of the fan base.

#7 Kevin Durant Nets Jerseys

The Nets is similar to the Thunder, Durant has not yet led the team to make a difference, the Nets owner has no reason to retire his jersey, Durant also knows this, that’s why he said the next four or five years to continue the current performance, the Nets to retire their jerseys. To be honest, Durant’s idea is somewhat whimsical, want to let these three teams are retired jerseys, you must reach a high enough height, so that the team to retire the 35 or 7 jerseys to be proud of it, from the possibility of analysis, the highest possibility of the Warriors, the Thunder team is the least likely, do you think?

Which team will retire Durant’s jersey?

Which team will retire Durant’s jersey? Nets, Thunders or Warriors ?

On April 1, 2022, Durant talked about his 2 former and current owners in a media interview, and he believes that both the Thunder and the Warriors will definitely retire their jerseys, including the Nets, and will retire their jerseys in the future. Because regardless of which team, no matter on or off the court, Durant has invested a lot of energy, time and love.

Kevin Durant

This kind of statement is actually rare, players generally do not say which team must retire their jerseys such words, otherwise by the time there is no retirement can be embarrassing, regardless of this is Durant, the history of 75 big, major media listed in the history of the top 15 or so superstars, he said such words is the bottom of the barrel. So the Nets, Warriors, Thunder, which team will retire Durant’s NBA jersey? Let’s analyze it properly.

#35 Kevin Durant Thunders Jerseys

Durant played for the Thunder for 9 years, 1 of which was with the Seattle Supersonics before the team moved to Ohio City and changed its name to the Thunder. If it had been with the Supersonics, I’m sure Durant’s jersey would have been retired and he may not have left the team in 2016 because he is a true son of Seattle, even if he returned to Seattle years later to play preseason games, Durant has gained tremendous respect and applause there. Seattle fans witnessed Durant’s rookie season and have a very deep affection for him. If there is an NBA team in Seattle again in the future, there is even a possibility that Durant’s jersey will be retired.

#35 Kevin Durant Warriors Jerseys

Back to the Thunder, Durant and Willow who is the Thunder team history is the first person? It is difficult to distinguish between high and low, Durant took 4 scoring kings there, 5 times a burst, 1 MVP. wei shao in the thunder took 2 scoring kings 2 assists 1 MVP, and shocking average of three double miracles, but he is more regrettable is that never led the team to break through the first round of the playoffs. So on the thunder period of achievement, the two are between the two. The Thunder will certainly retire Willow’s jersey, and may even build a statue. But Durant because of the unacceptable way he left, the Thunder management immediately gave his No. 35 jersey to the rookie.

So, after Durant’s retirement, it is not possible to retire the jersey in the short term, to wait for the time to repair the relationship between the two sides. There is no rift that time can not repair, Delon and Sloan, Garnett and Ray Allen do not all make up. With the passage of time, tend to read each other’s good, forget his bad.

#7 Kevin Durant Nets Jerseys

The Warriors period, Durant playing time is just 3 years, but has made great achievements, helping the team to win 2 consecutive championships, on the top of the league for many years, and also got 2 FMVP. 2019 finals, Durant is also for the team with injury comeback, the results hurt the Achilles tendon, so the Warriors retired Durant’s jersey is no suspense.

Nets period, the effectiveness of the time is still very short, 3 seasons so far, only played 85 games. But the Nets have never won a championship in team history, Durant if you can lead the team to win the championship during the play, certainly retire the jersey, if not win the championship, with his current performance as a superstar, play more years, the Nets are also willing to retire the jersey.

Durant: My injury disrupted the team plan

Durant: My injury disrupted the team plan

Which team will retire Durant’s jersey? the Nets, the Warriors or the Thunders ? By all accounts, the three teams will probably choose to retire Durant’s jersey, Durant no matter which team is doing all the things he should do, so that people can hardly be choosy, but Durant every time he leaves, it does not look very decent, but also all and the old East is not very pleasant, which is also a real problem.

During the Thunders period, Durant took 4 scoring kings, and created the record of the youngest scoring king, 5 times the best lineup a burst, and is 5 times in a row, 1 regular season MVP. 8 years in the Thunder, Durant led the team 7 times into the playoffs, including many times to the Western Conference finals, 12 years is to play in the finals, the ability to lead the team is very powerful. In these 91 playoff games, Durant can cut 28.8 points, 8 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game, the playoffs average data is definitely among the best.

But Durant left the Thunders when and the management of unpleasant, after the defeat to the warriors actually chose to join the warriors, which also let Durant was some fans called “enemy Du”, the thunder management is also unable to understand this behavior, immediately gave his 35 jersey to the rookie, such a practice actually represents the relationship between the two sides has been The thunder will choose to retire Durant’s jersey?

During the Warriors is Durant’s most glorious period, just three years of time, Durant with the team twice to take the championship, and took 2 FMVP, which makes Durant’s historical status a lot higher, but also because it is in the Warriors to get the FMVP, also let Durant controversial, if Durant lost to the Warriors after not choosing to join the Warriors, at least the current will not have such a high achievement. Green have said, you come before we are the championship.

And Durant went, and the Warriors’ management is not very happy, and can even be said to sneak away, at least now see the Warriors fans, and did not have any special feelings for Durant. But the two championships of the Warriors period, Durant is indeed a great credit, plus for the team to come back with injuries to fight to the rupture of the Achilles tendon, the Warriors will probably retire Durant’s NBA jersey.

As for the Nets, although the huge amount of money spent to create a luxury lineup of the Big Three, these seasons are considered a championship favorite, but after Harden left, only rely on a Durant and only home court battle Owen, I’m afraid it is difficult to win the title. The Nets have not won an NBA championship in their history, and if Durant can take the team to a championship, then the Nets will definitely retire Durant’s jersey.

But in the current situation, Durant joined the Nets also have three seasons, but only played more than 80 games, if Durant in the Nets much more years, with the team can play in the Eastern Conference finals or even the finals a few times, the Nets will certainly retire Durant’s jersey, but if many times are a round trip two rounds, the Nets really will not necessarily retire Durant’s jersey.

To be honest, Durant’s achievements during the Thunders period and the Warriors period are enough for the team to retire his NBA jersey, but the Nets period, Durant is still the top superstar in the league, but the achievements and honors are not really worth retiring the jersey, but if Durant can play in the Nets until retirement, I think the Nets will also retire Durant’s jersey, just do not know if Durant will change a team again in two years? This is something that no one can say!

Welcome back old guard to Thunders? Three teams find a way to retire Durant jerseys

Three teams find a way to retire Durant jerseys

Do the Nets still have a chance to win the title this season? From the perspective of NBA history, they will be granular, and no team can start seventh or eighth in the division with the last laugh. With five games left in the regular season, the Nets are ranked tenth in the East. If they don’t rise to eighth in the East before the playoffs come, the Nets will need to play two additional games to enter the playoffs with the eighth score in the East, the difficulty of which can be imagined, especially since Irving is still in Lent and Durant has no good helpers around him, so Nets fans don’t hold much hope.

Durant once said, the Nets will be the last leg of his career, in an interview with the media, Durant was asked about jersey retirement problem, he said the Thunders and Warriors must be retired his shirt, or you will hurt the development of basketball, and Kevin Durant stressed that if they can hit a few season in the Nets of high status, his NBA jersey that the nets also have to get used to it. Fans believe the Warriors and Nets will probably retire Durant’s jersey, but the Thunders can’t say because of the acrimonious breakup.

The Thunders held an “alumni event” to welcome many of its former players back to Oklahoma City. At the event, Thunder GENERAL Manager Jeff Presty offered the following toast: “This is a place where you can come back and you’re appreciated, you’re respected, whether you’ve played here for one year, 10 years, your whole career.” Seriously, it’s hard not to remind fans of Durant.

When Kevin Durant as ThunderS core leader ECheng fans had high hopes for him, hope Durant can bring ECheng championship, but I didn’t expect that the west should be 2016 warriors dead after, Durant to free agent to join just beat their warriors, did not leave a point for ECheng assets, that is the reason why the thunder fans loathed Durant. Given Durant’s personality, even with the goodwill of Thunder GENERAL manager Presti, it’s unlikely Durant will return to the Thunders and, as he said, retire in Brooklyn.

Fans said, have been retired three teams jersey method was found, that’s Kevin Durant to return to the thunder, if possible, Durant is going to be after chamberlain, another is three star team retired jerseys, of course, should be able to retire before Kevin Durant, James Cavaliers, the Heat and the Lakers will be retired James’s shirt. The ideal is perfect, the reality is very thin, Durant will not return to the Thunders, as the Thunders will eventually retire his jersey, reasonable odds are very small, after all, thunders fans may not agree.

Which NBA jersey is the best-looking? Lakers second, the Bulls design is perfect

the best looking NBA basketball jerseys among the thirty teams, lakers jersey, warriors jersey, Celtics jersey, Nuggets jersey and Bulls jersey are on the ranking.

Each team in the NBA has its own jersey, and the home and away jerseys are also different, and at certain times players will also wear retro jerseys to play the game, so that the NBA thirty teams jersey styles reach more than 60-90, each jersey has its own style characteristics, and each jersey is carefully crafted before entering the NBA jerseys market, and jerseys are also the best witness to the development of NBA basketball. The best witness, jerseys have even become the carrier of NBA basketball culture, and jerseys star card and become the “three pits” of basketball, the NBA has experienced decades of development, jerseys are becoming more and more beautiful, today the cousin will give you an inventory of the NBA’s five best-looking jerseys, the Lakers are not the first, the Bulls style design is perfect!

1、Bulls style design is the most perfect

Throughout the history of the Bulls, each jersey is inseparable from the red and white, the Bulls’ two jerseys laid down the design style and spindle of the future team, red and white with although very common, such as the Rockets’ jersey is red and white with, but there is no doubt or the Bulls’ best-looking, Bulls’ jerseys let people look at a dynasty of breath, the first deservedly.

2. The purple and gold Lakers came in second highest

Lakers dynasty we also call the purple and gold dynasty, familiar with the Lakers fans know that this is related to the Lakers jersey, purple and gold dynasty not only on behalf of the Lakers teammates brilliant past, but also because the Lakers team uniforms home to yellow, away to purple and yellow, two jerseys cross glow correspondingly set off the Lakers powerful strength, the Lakers jersey is also one of the most favorite jerseys of Chinese fans.

3. Nuggets sky blue jerseys

If the Nuggets can do better, then their jersey sales will definitely be good. With a wisp of sky blue floating over the Denver Highlands, the Nuggets’ jerseys are exactly in that hue, whether it’s white with blue lace or blue with white lace, the Nuggets’ jerseys look perfectly present.

4. A touch of green represents the Celtics

We habitually call the Celtics the Green Jackets, as the name implies because the Celtics jersey is green, the Celtics jersey is quite simple, the back printed with a clover, clover is an iconic plant in the Celtic living environment, so both the NBA and soccer Celtics have a clover logo, once the Boston Big Three wore the jersey, the more it showed the coldness of the Green Jackets legion.

5. Warriors jerseys are also quite popular

Today’s Warriors team strength league first, the Warriors jersey design style is also very perfect, the two together make the Warriors jersey is particularly popular, in recent years Curry’s jersey has even ranked first in the league, higher than the first person James, the Warriors jersey first look with their ball style, very gorgeous, so the Warriors can be on the list is not a controversial thing, of course, every fan has their favorite team, so everyone has their own favorite jersey, good-looking or ugly natural grasp in the hearts of different people.

Golden State Warriors 75th Anniversary Jersey

Golden State Warriors 75th Anniversary Jersey

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA, Nike launched NBA Classic uniforms to recognize three teams that have been part of the league since the beginning: the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors (originally known as the “Philadelphia Warriors”).

These three teams have witnessed the entire journey of the league from the very beginning to growing into the top basketball league in the world. I believe that even if you are not a fan of these three teams, you can feel with the honor, with a fairly high commemorative significance!

All three jerseys carry the classic Nike Sportwear logo, the first time the brand has been prominently featured on an NBA jersey.

The three classic jerseys introduced all echo the team’s most iconic color scheme.

And as a Warriors fan community, we focus on this Warriors’ jersey.

1. the stripes of the jersey remain the same as the original jersey design.

2. The scarlet color scheme of the Warriors has the meaning of paying tribute to San Francisco, and the logo of Classic Edition is also on the lower right corner of the jacket.

3. the base colors of the jersey present the navy blue and red of the Philadelphia Warriors.

4. Celebrate the legendary star in a classic uniform, Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a single game for the Warriors.

The top right of the pants also has the classic logo of NIKE Sportswear, where the ear design on the waistband echoes the characteristics of the pants with belt buckle at the time, the combination of old and new elements makes the series launched this time add fun and pretty cool!