Surprising! 90% of People Prefer This Rockets Jersey

The history of the Houston Rockets jersey is short and somewhat controversial. Let’s start with the most iconic of these jerseys.

The color scheme of this jersey is the longest used by the Rockets, consisting of red and yellow (also known as tomatoes and scrambled eggs by fans), the color scheme of this jersey has a full history of nearly 50 years, and I will start talking about it in the order of the team’s development.

1971 – 1972

This was the Rockets’ first jersey, but this one was very short-lived and rarely discussed. It is the predecessor of the tomato scrambled egg jersey, but from green and gold to red and yellow.

1972 – 1976

The very next year, Houston decided to change the name, changing the font to a team name with a slash and keeping the same color block, which was the beginning of what we know and love better.

1976 – 1995

For nearly 20 seasons, the Rockets’ uniforms have been arguably the most beloved by fans in Houston sports history. The font, the color scheme, the white belt and the name on the shorts match so well. It has survived the championship and has stood the test of time.

After nearly 25 years, the Rocket has relaunched this colorway, which has also set off a wave of buying frenzy.

Also, and this is a serious question) does anyone know where I can buy these shorts?

1995 – 2003

The change of uniforms, logos and colors immediately after back-to-back championship games made a big difference, making it one of the most confusing choices in uniform history. Only the Chicago Bulls jersey style has continued from the championship era to the present.

2003 – 2017

Once again the Rockets have completely changed their look with the logo, font and colors changing once again. Most feel this is much better than the pinstripes, which should be a sign that the rocket is back to its old red color.

Most Rockets fans should be most familiar with this set of jerseys, this set of jerseys accompanied us growing up, it’s not about looking good or not, it’s our fondest memories.

Just like all teams had plenty of Christmas and Chinese New Year jerseys in the Adidas era of the 2010s, Houston released all three of the above in 2015. It may not be the fan favorite look, but it’s one of the few times the Rockets have stepped out of their comfort zone in a jersey. While the sleeves look a little odd, the black and gray jerseys are a color scheme the Rockets haven’t tried before, and overall it was the start of a fun year that has carried the black all the way to this day.

2017 – 2019

These two years also belong to Paul’s Rockets time, the difference between these two years is that the sponsor of the league jersey has changed from Adi to Nike, the Rockets’ jersey except for the Nike logo on the lapel and the stripes on the side of the jersey, they are not much different.

This black jersey black is available for the 2018-2019 season and features a retro tilted “Houston” logo on the front.

There is another huge change for Rockets in 2019.

Unlike the traditional home and away jerseys, the NBA has adopted a rotation of four jerseys, while Houston has reverted to their classic jersey colors, the scrambled tomato and egg color scheme.

I think it’s a clear thrust towards Houston, with more emphasis on Rockets red, they ditched the bold font and made black their third color instead of gray. (I do think black is going to look better).

Finally, years after the Rockets paid tribute to their Chinese fan base with their New Year’s Eve “City Edition” jerseys, they decided to pay tribute to the history of the city of Houston by using a jersey designed by NASA.

At the same time, this jersey has also aroused the enthusiasm of fans for classic jerseys, and they have been talking about “seriously, they look great” and “making classic a trend” in the evening.

The latest jersey rotation format leaves plenty of options for the Rockets to roll out a more wrong classic color scheme. The team has so many classic jerseys, which one would you prefer to return?