These 5 NBA jerseys can be called the top classic jerseys

Which NBA team has the best-looking jerseys? These 5 can be called the most classic

Every team in the NBA has its own NBA jerseys, and as times change their jerseys are constantly being updated. Throughout the league’s 30 teams, the following five teams’ jerseys are classics among the classics, and I believe many fans have spent a lot of money to acquire collections.

1. Lakers jersey

The Lakers’ purple and gold jerseys are the only ones that stand out among the NBA’s league-wide teams, and Kobe’s purple and gold jerseys are the most profound memories of a generation of people, and the No. 24 jersey is currently the best-selling one. The purple and gold jersey reached the peak of his career, the current league leader James is also wearing the purple and gold jersey, let us look forward to the Lakers’ purple and gold dynasty once again.

2. Heats jersey

The Heat’s classic jerseys are also very popular, especially Wade’s No. 3 jersey, how comfortable it is to look at, the year of the Zhan Wei line is also wearing a Heat jersey to bring us a visual feast, once the Flash wearing a Heat jersey still in front of my eyes, look at his Heat jersey of the year will instantly feel the blood boiling, as if I had returned to the field of youth.

3. Warriors jersey

In recent years the Warriors jersey is also loved by the majority of fans, white and yellow style with the Warriors home arena is also very eye-catching, the Warriors five big heads wearing the jersey this jersey is also gorgeous, the current Warriors have identified four years three championship excellent results, this season is a great opportunity to defend the title, the establishment of the Warriors dynasty.

4. Cavaliers jersey
The little emperor James was as invincible as the Cavaliers on the field, the classic No. 23 jersey is also deeply imprinted in people’s minds, I believe many fans are bought this jersey, when the little emperor again wearing No. 23 jersey back to the Cavaliers in 2015, is also set off a wave of jersey craze, it is that: the day of the broken sword recast, the Cavaliers returned to the time. The Cavaliers also won the first championship since the team was founded in the 2016 finals in a desperate turnaround.

5. Spurs jersey

The Spurs jersey can be said to have always been very classic, black and white is also very eye-catching, the Spurs have been the traditional powerhouse of the West for 20 years, so far, the Spurs jersey has appeared in the playoffs for 22 consecutive years, the Spurs also won five championships over the years, this season the Spurs are also able to play in the playoffs, this black and white team has never let people The Spurs are as sharp as the iron spikes on their jerseys.

How hard is it for the Lakers to retire their jerseys?

How hard is it for the Lakers to retire their jerseys?

Although the NBA has 30 teams, but few of them can really be called the giants, currently can be known by Chinese fans on 2, one is once by the first Chinese men’s basketball team Yao Ming rise of the Houston Rockets, the other is once appeared like Kobe such a superstar Los Angeles Lakers, which the Lakers because of the existence of Kobe is recognized as the first NBA giants, and the Lakers in order to thank Kobe, directly to Kobe retired two NBA jerseys, and this also represents Kobe in the history of the Lakers is the first player.

Retirement jerseys have always been a dream come true for every NBA player, but in many NBA teams, the difficulty of retiring jerseys is more difficult than getting a championship, especially in the Los Angeles Lakers, because the retirement rules in the Lakers are the strictest in the NBA, which also makes the Lakers history, although there are very many stars, but only 10 players qualified to get their jerseys retired, and even many of the stars who helped the Lakers win the championship many times, did not get their jerseys retired after retirement.

Scott, one of the most famous Lakers once stars, in his career three times to help the Lakers play in the finals to get the championship, although Scott is not the core of the original team, but also can be called the main players, and Scott also served as the head coach of several teams after retirement, including the Lakers, but both players and coaching career is full of honors, but Scott still did not get any team’s retirement jersey treatment, and the Lakers also did not give the retirement jersey.

Fisher, his career is more brilliant than Scott, in Fisher NBA career most of the time is in the Lakers play, has five times to help the team win the championship, but even so, the Lakers have no intention of retiring his jersey, and even later the jersey worn by Fisher to Ball, from his body can be seen, want to enjoy in the Lakers to retire jersey eligibility, it is estimated that the number of championships alone is not enough, certainly also need other merits.

In the Lakers retired jerseys in this regard the most right to speak is Kobe, because in other stars even a jersey is difficult to retire at the same time, Kobe got the Lakers, while retired Kobe’s No. 8 and No. 24 jersey, there are some fans feel that Kobe can enjoy such treatment, mainly because Kobe’s influence in the NBA does not lose Jordan, because Kobe in his career there are several data are more than The god of basketball Jordan, and when Jordan can be famous mainly because he pushed basketball to the world, and Kobe’s greatest credit may be to let the Lakers promoted to the first NBA team, you guys, do you think so?

Lakers team history of the top 10 retired jersey stars

Lakers team history of the top 10 retired jersey stars

The Lakers are the traditional powerhouse of the NBA, having won 16 NBA championships and 3,380 regular season victories. Some of the greatest players in basketball history have played for the Lakers, and that includes LeBron James, the best player in the NBA today. There is no doubt that when these players retire, hanging their NBA jerseys high over the arena is the greatest way to honor them. Now, let’s take a look at the 11 jersey numbers of the 10 Lakers superstars who have been retired, who have won a total of 28 championship rings, 12 Finals MVPs and 8 regular season MVPs with the Lakers. next, let’s do a simple ranking of their performances.

11. Gael Goodridge’s No. 25 jersey (1 championship)

Goodridge played 9 seasons for the Lakers. He averaged 19.0 points per game, was named to the NBA All-Star team four times, and won the championship in 1972. Goodrich was only 1.83 meters tall but weighed 170 pounds, which made him very good at forcing his way into the lane to score or cheat on free throws. After retiring, Goodrich was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996, and the Lakers retired his No. 25 jersey on Nov. 20 of the same year .

10. Jamal Wilkes’ No. 52 jersey (3 championships)

Wilkes contributed 18.4 points per game in 8 seasons with the Lakers and won 3 championships for the Lakers. Wilkes is a great offensive and defensive player, no wonder he is the perfect player in the mind of famous head coach John Wooden. Not only that, Wilkes is also known as “Silk” because of his soft shooting touch, and he often maintains a “team can’t do without me” mentality. The Lakers retired his number 52 jersey on December 28, 2012.

9, Kobe Bryant’s No. 8 jersey (3 championships)

Kobe is arguably the best player in Lakers history. During his first ten years in the No. 8 jersey, Kobe contributed 23.9 points per game for the Lakers and was named to the All-Star team eight times and won three NBA championships. Ranking him at No. 9 may feel a little disrespectful, but considering Kobe was never the team’s leading scorer before he wore No. 24 and he didn’t steal the FMVP from Shaquille O’Neal in the Finals, as great as Kobe is, it’s clearly not convincing when discussing him wearing No. 8.

8, Wilt Chamberlain’s No. 13 jersey (1 championship and 1 Finals MVP)

Chamberlain was named to the All-Star team four times in five seasons for the Lakers and averaged 17.7 points and 19.2 rebounds in 339 games for the Lakers. He won a championship for the Lakers in 1972 and was the most valuable player on that championship team. On top of that, Chamberlain is considered one of the best centers in NBA history, and he set numerous NBA records in his prime. Even at the end of his career, Chamberlain still averaged 20+20, which is still fabulous for basketball nowadays!

7, Elgin Baylor’s No. 22 jersey (1 championship)

Baylor averaged 27.4 points, 13.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game in 846 games with the Lakers. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 1959 and was the MVP of the All-Star Game in 1959, but unfortunately, despite his offensive and defensive prowess, Baylor received only a token championship ring. Baylor finished his career with 11 All-Star Game selections and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977.

6.Jerry West’s No. 44 jersey (1 championship and 1 Finals MVP)

West dedicated all 14 years of his career to the Lakers. He was known as a super scorer and all-around talent in the NBA, and ended his career with 27.0 points, 5.8 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game. Although West’s many trips to the championship ended in failure, he won it in 1972 and won the only losing FMVP trophy in NBA history in the 1969 Finals, which is a testament to his power of performance in the Finals. West was a 12-time All-Star and became a Hall of Fame player in 1980.

5. James Worthy’s No. 42 jersey (3 championships and 1 Finals MVP)

Worthy is another player who has given his all to the Lakers, averaging 17.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game during that time. Worthy brought three championships to the Lakers. Although he has always been defined as a quality team third-stringer, when we look back at the Lakers showtime dynasty, Worthy sometimes outperformed even Jabbar and Magic as he became that most valuable player in the 1988 finals.

4, Kobe Bryant’s No. 24 jersey (2 championships, 2 Finals MVPs and 1 regular season MVP)

Kobe started to wear No.24 jersey in 2006-07 season, after that, this number brought him 2 championships and 2 FMVPs. in the 639 games that Kobe wore the Lakers No.24 jersey, he scored 26.3 points per game. Kobe is probably the greatest player in Lakers history, so the Lakers retired his No. 8 and No. 24 in a ceremony on December 19, 2017, the only player in Lakers history to retire two jersey numbers.

3. Shaquille O’Neal’s No. 34 jersey (3 championships, 3 Finals MVPs and 1 regular season MVP)

O’Neal contributed 27.0 points and 11.8 rebounds per game during his time with the Lakers, and also won 3 championships and 3 finals MVPs. besides that, O’Neal is probably the greatest center in NBA history, although super centers like Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain are also great, but they can’t compete with the sheer flood of power that is O’Neal. O’Neal is the most dominant player in the history of the NBA.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s No. 33 jersey (5 championships, 1 Finals MVP and 3 regular season MVPs)

In his 14 seasons with the Lakers, Jabbar averaged 22.1 points and 9.4 rebounds per game. Undoubtedly the greatest inside scorer in NBA history, Jabbar’s sky hook was the most feared offensive weapon. As a result, his powerful scoring ability brought the Lakers five championships, and although Magic and Worthy were also great, Jabbar was still the Finals MVP in the 84-85 season, knowing that he was 38 years old at the time.

1, Magic Johnson’s No. 32 jersey (5 championships, 3 finals MVPs and 3 regular season MVPs)

Who is the greatest player in the history of the Lakers? Fans have different views, many support Kobe, but Magic is definitely another contender. Because he is the same player who dedicated his life to the Lakers and he is the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA. He played a total of 906 games for the Lakers, averaging 19.5 points, 7.2 rebounds and 11.2 assists, and also won three regular season MVPs, five championships and three Finals MVPs.

NBA most handsome jersey?

The NBA league and each team has been very focused on the development of the business sector. The team’s NBA jerseys are not only part of the brand image, but also part of the fan economy industry, which can bring huge revenue to the team. Of course, each team’s jersey design style, style varies, and some of these styles can be called classic.

I believe that many non-Lakers fans, also very like to buy a Los Angeles Lakers jersey. And from the design point of view, the purple and gold color scheme is full of luxury, the front of the jersey is very eye-catching Lakers LOGO and jersey number.

In particular, the letters of “LAKERS” are arranged in a very artistic and aesthetic way, and the size of the L is significantly higher than the rest of the letters to complement the overall picture elements of the jersey. In addition, the collar position is a unique addition of a horizontal line embellishment, so that the Lakers jersey both simple and beautiful without losing connotation.

Jordan led the Bulls dynasty in the 1990s, a team that twice reached the Triple Crown, and this has made many fans remember the iconic Bulls jerseys. Among them, the Bulls’ road jerseys in big red are the most classic. With red as the main color and white lines around the edges, the Bulls jersey has nothing fancy, and with the addition of superstar elements such as Jordan, there are still many fans who praise it to this day.

For fans who love to collect NBA jerseys, getting a classic Raptors Big Dragon Edition jersey is definitely worth the money. In the 2018 All-Star dunk contest, replica Carter dunking action Mitchell, after completing this super dunk, show this Raptors big dragon version jersey. Indeed, once the “flying man” Carter’s glory era, perhaps the most beautiful memories of countless Raptors fans.

Although there are many choices of tonal elements for said jerseys, few teams have dared to challenge the pink color. It wasn’t until 2019 that the Heat City Edition jersey was launched and immediately became the focus of media and fan attention. Although the main color of this jersey is still white, it is embellished with a blend of black, pink and light blue. It must be said that the Heat’s fierce men wear such a jersey, but also show another kind of beauty outside of masculinity.

The Orlando Magic’s white dark planet jersey is also very recognizable. The front of the jersey not only has the English word “MAGIC” representing the Magic, but the designers have also done some very clever artwork. The letter “A” is designed as a star, together with a small star above the word, the double star shining white dark planet jersey is very eye-catching. On the whole, the blue tone with white letters and numbers also makes the whole design element artistic.

Lakers microphone jersey, Jordan had retired the red and blue jersey

Lakers microphone jersey, Jordan had retired the red and blue jersey

The NBA history has given birth to countless stars, but the players who can be retired NBA jerseys by the team are few and far between, and the Thunder only announced this year to retire the first jersey in the team’s history. The Lakers, a luxury team, have only retired 11 jerseys in their long team history, which proves that such treatment as jersey retirement is not something you can just get. But in the history of the NBA, there are three interesting things that happened about the retirement of jerseys, let’s take a look at those people and things respectively.

Lakers’ microphone jerseys

Among the 11 jerseys retired in the history of the Lakers, one of them stands out. This jersey has no number, and in place of the numbered position is a narrator’s microphone. It turns out that this retired jersey is not retired for which star of the Lakers, but for the Lakers’ professional commentator Chick Hearn. Since 1965, he has been commentating every game for the Lakers, and now Hearn has commented on more than 3,300 games for the Lakers, so his dedication is really admirable. His commentary has also become a unique sight for the Lakers over the years, and to thank Hearn for his years of dedication to the Lakers, they decided to retire a unique jersey for him.

Jazz’s No. 1223 jersey

As we all know, the NBA has rules for the selection of numbers, which can only be between 00 and 99. However, the Jazz have a 1223 jersey hanging in their home court. It turns out that this jersey is also not in honor of a certain player of the Jazz, but in honor of the most famous coach in the history of the Jazz – Jerry Sloan. Sloan has been the coach of the Jazz since ’85, and since then, he has been coaching for 26 years. The best achievement of his career was the development of the Utah duo. To commemorate his 1223 wins for the Jazz, the Jazz decided to retire a unique 1223 jersey for him, I wonder if Popovich will have the same treatment in the future?

Jordan’s red and blue jersey

In Jordan’s career, he has only played for two teams, that is, the Bulls and Wizards, for this matter, I believe we are also clear, the Bulls era of Jordan its degree of insurmountable small here need not say, but after the time of playing with the Wizards. Although joining the Wizards, Jordan has been less than the peak, but according to Jordan’s influence, the Wizards deserve to retire a jersey for it, but due to private disputes led to the Wizards did not retire a jersey for Jordan, after all, even if Jordan’s strength to today’s small ball era of the league, Jordan’s strength are among the top of the league.

But surprisingly, in the process of Jordan’s retirement tour, although the Wizards did not retire Jordan’s jersey, but the Heat team retired the jersey for Jordan, and this is Riley’s initiative in order to commemorate Jordan’s proposal, and this is why later James joined the Heat, did not choose a reason for the No. 23 jersey. And for the retirement of this jersey and the ordinary jersey is very different, his left half is the Bulls red and the right half is the Wizards blue, two colors combined into a unique 23 jersey, such a retirement jersey can be said to be eye-catching.

NBA: the player who is known as “the most hated Lakers”

NBA: the player who is known as “the most hated Lakers”, he is “The Mailman” Karl Malone.

The NBA is a competitive basketball league, and is a team competition, naturally there will be teammates and opponents, there will be people they like, and people they do not like, many pairs of combinations are because of discord eventually parted ways, such as the 2012 Celtics Big Three, OK combination and so on. There is such a former All-Star player, and a number of Lakers legends have made a “beam”, but he has also put on the Lakers jersey in his career, we will talk in detail today.

The history of his feud with the Lakers can span more than ten years, dating back a long time, and our story today will be in proper order, “from ancient times to the present day” to tell the history of the player’s feud with the Lakers. This player may not be unfamiliar to everyone, or to old fans, very familiar, he is the second place in the NBA scoring list, only “sky hook” Jabbar ahead of him in the total scoring list, he maintained a perennial stability, career almost never miss a game (except the last season), his speed, strength, confrontation He and a small point guard helped keep the team competitive for years, and he is “The Mailman” Karl Malone.

Karl Malone in the viewer’s perspective, in the field area can be comparable to the shark O’Neal, if now watching the Utah Jazz game video, can not recognize which player, just observe the strongest player on the field will know: look, that is Karl Malone! His physical strength and tonnage is not inferior to O’Neal, Karl Malone’s entire career, although most of the time to play for the Utah Jazz, but his story with the Lakers, early and early.

Karl Malone entered the NBA in 1985, after experiencing early growth, in 1988 was selected for the All-Star team, as Karl Malone wearing No. 32 Jazz jersey, and the superstar of the league at the time, can be said to be the first person in the league at the time “Magic” Johnson also wearing No. 32 Lakers jersey, in the then The NBA All-Star game, basically are using the regular jersey number, as the “junior” Karl Malone natural to give up their 32 to Magic Johnson. After that, until Magic Johnson retired in 1991-92 season due to illness, Karl Malone had to give up his 32 jersey, so every year when the All-Star weekend, there will be reporters asking Malone in the All-Star game will wear the number of jerseys, so Malone was not satisfied.

At that time, the Lakers were in the “Shou time” time, powerful offensive firepower, flowing performance, almost every season lock the strength of the finals, helping the Lakers to obtain a huge number of fans. At that time the Jazz were still growing, they were one of the background teams naturally want to rise, and the Lakers were certainly their big enemy in the West. At that time, the league, not like the current relationship between players are still good, or at least superficially look past, when a lot of “do not deal with” the team is “enemies meet, the eyes of the”, such as the Bulls and Pistons, Lakers and Celtics. The journalists are always using their biggest rival team, and such things to harass Malone, of course, Malone does not have a good feeling about the Lakers, but at the moment he is far from being the one who “hates” the Lakers.

After the 1988 season, Lakers legend “Skyhook” Jabbar stated that the 1988-89 season would be the last season of his career. At the moment, both Lakers fans and fans of other teams are giving enough respect to the all-time superstar. Jabbar received such treatment back in 2015-16 before Kobe’s tour, the difference being that the Lakers had just completed two straight championships and were still the favorite to win. In that era of the All-Star game, whenever a legend retires or in which legend’s home court, everyone will give the stage of that year’s All-Star game to that legend, such as this season’s All-Star game almost “coincidentally” give the stage to Jabbar, so that Jabbar has a good memory. But at that time, Magic Johnson was unable to attend the All-Star Game due to injury, which became a change.

The point guard who replaced Magic was the other one of the Utah Twins, Stockton. The two men started their regular season tactics in the 1989 All-Star Game, blocking the ball and playing fast and whirlwind, and the aging Jabbar naturally could not keep up with such an offensive system. In the end, Karl Malone won the MVP of the All-Star Game, which can be said to have spoiled Jabbar’s last All-Star Game. Jabbar has been selected as an All-Star 19 times in his career and has not won an All-Star Game MVP.

Jabbar career honors too much, naturally do not care about this MVP, but fans from all walks of life, the media, and many NBA players are for Malone such practices feel “disgrace”, but Karl Malone is this: “Because the sky hook is a legend, we can not deliberately to take care of him, that It is a real disrespect to the seniors, my MVP is by their own strength to take, no need to say sorry to whom.” It can be said that this is the first time Karl Malone and the Lakers have formed a feud. The next season, Karl Malone was not selected for the All-Star Game, not because his athletic state has declined, not to mention the team’s poor record, or his data is not good (31 + 11), ultimately in this position, he lost to AC Green from the Lakers, it can be said that the two of them are completely two grades of players, AC Green can only get 13 points per game this season. What is the reason for this? The biggest possibility is that he was unhappy with Karl Malone’s approach last season and therefore did not vote for him.

So, the angry Karl Malone after the All-Star game against the Bucks game, cutting 61 points, hit the Bucks head coach said “we are innocent ah”. But this incident came to an end until Magic Johnson was found to have that disease. Magic announced his retirement after he was diagnosed with the disease, and then once intended to make a comeback, at this time, Karl Malone led the opposition to Magic Johnson’s comeback, he said he did not want to play with people suffering from the disease, the reason is “afraid of being infected” (at that time people did not know enough about the disease). And then, the Magician issued a medical certificate that the same game will not be contagious, Karl Malone also shut his mouth, but the matter is not over.

Because of Magic Johnson’s height, and his speed decline, from the point guard to play power forward, and Karl Malone just opposite, so Karl Malone every time in the game against the Lakers, will not go to post defense Magic Johnson, resulting in a “fear of infection” phenomenon, as a protest against the Magician’s comeback, well in the Magician briefly comeback some The game, the end of the season is officially retired. The incident passed, at this time, Karl Malone and the Lakers two superstars have made a beam, but Malone and the Lakers feud is not over. Time came in 1997, the playoffs Malone and the Lakers encounter, at this time the Lakers is the first season after the arrival of O’Neal, is also Kobe’s rookie season. Kobe in the key road battle 3 times to shoot three non-stick, and finally lost the series, the Jazz home of course, a cheer, Kobe’s first career playoffs were ended by Karl Malone, the character of arrogant Kobe naturally will not have any good feelings for the Jazz, of course, will not have any good feelings for Malone.

In the 1998 All-Star Game, Kobe was also selected, Kobe was full of thoughts about how to beat Jordan to prove himself, Karl Malone came to make a blocking play when Kobe took the ball against Jordan, Kobe immediately interrupted him and said, “Put away your damn blocking, I want to fight with Michael one on one.” Karl Malone also got angry and went straight back to the bench and said, “I’m not needed here (in this game) anymore.” And in the playoffs, the Jazz met the Lakers again in the Western Conference finals. This time, the Jazz is 4:0 sweep the Lakers, O’Neal and Karl Malone also in the series, there is a “mutual bad crime” fierce confrontation, a time the two “giant” nearly caused a fight (they two fight, eggs really curious about who can (the two fight, eggs really curious about who can win).

In this way, Karl Malone and Kobe and O’Neal also formed a grudge, but the relationship between Malone and them is not without recovery, O’Neal and Karl Malone is more of a grudge in the game confrontation, the game victory is the first, friction is also very normal, O’Neal also Karl Malone’s playing level is very recognized, a strong body with a machine but also technically delicate players; Kobe In the summer of 2003, Karl Malone chose to leave the Jazz in order to get a championship ring, and chose the Lakers over the Spurs and Lakers. In fact the Spurs were better for Karl Malone, the twin towers of Duncan and David Robinson had proven successful, and by going to the Lakers he could only cede the box to O’Neal, but the Spurs were the 2003 champions, and for the sake of his own little pride he went to Los Angeles.

It can be seen that Karl Malone is also a person with strong self-esteem. At that time, Magic Johnson to Karl Malone the junior, showed great tolerance, Magic Johnson is ready to give up his 32 jersey to Karl Malone, but Malone at that time said straight out that he no longer deserves to wear the Lakers 32 jersey, more want Magic’s 32 number forever hanging high in the sky over the gym, Malone instead wear 11 jersey, plus has arrived “glove “Peyton, ready to start the final impact to the championship.

Lakers formed the F4 lineup, but the team has a lot of internal problems: Peyton thinks Phil Jackson is a vain, his triangle offense is simply “fancy”; Karl Malone is able to integrate the triangle offense, but his career has never suffered a major injury this season suffered a major injury; Kobe and O’Neal’s conflict The conflict between Kobe and O’Neal can not be reconciled, they can still stick to a season is simply Karl Malone set up, whenever Kobe and O’Neal unhappy, Karl Malone are like a “big brother” stand in the middle of the two people. The Lakers also because of the addition of Malone more than one offensive options, Kobe and Malone blocking, Malone can impact the basket, but also can choose to shoot from mid-range, which is Kobe O’Neal blocking does not have.

The relationship between Kobe and Karl Malone was good for a time to the point of “iron buddy”, Kobe completed the “double kill” Blazers, the first to rush to the sidelines to jump into the arms of Malone, the two wives will often get together, of course, the two families also get together for dinner, play, etc.. The two wives also often get together, of course, the two families also get together, play, etc., in Kobe into the “Eagle County incident”, the first to come forward, for Kobe to speak is Karl Malone. The relationship between Kobe and O’Neal can be said to be poor to a certain point, for example: if Kobe accepted an interview with a reporter, then O’Neal will not pay attention to this reporter. So see Malone and Kobe relationship so good, O’Neal naturally also on Malone more and more distant.

But eventually, Kobe and Karl Malone also broke up, the news at the time said that: Karl Malone with verbal “harassment” Kobe’s wife. The story is different, the egg guesses that Karl Malone and Kobe’s wife may be joking, but Vanessa took it seriously and told Kobe (just guessing). In short, Kobe and Malone’s relationship is so again back to the previous, even worse than before. “The old Malone left Los Angeles and returned to Salt Lake City to announce his retirement as a Jazz player, which was touching.

Karl Malone, 18 years of his career to the Utah Jazz, twice in the Western Conference playoffs lost to the season champion, two trips to the finals, or lost to the championship. At the end of his career, “late” is the most appropriate description, in order to a championship ring, at the bottom of the salary “to hold the leg”, the finals again lost to the championship, but also and OK combination all break up. He now leaves us, perhaps only “the second all-time scoring list” and “uncrowned king” these two words.

But the interesting thing is that Karl Malone career and Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe, O’Neal, the four all-time superstars, and all the Lakers legendary superstar duel. There is really no dispute that Karl Malone is the least like the Lakers, which should also be the only one in the history of the NBA. Eggs think: Karl Malone’s life now and their four almost no intersection, so there is no reconciliation. What do you guys think? Welcome to leave comments!

The greatest owner of each Lakers jersey number

The greatest owner of each Lakers jersey number, they are No. 22: Elgin Baylor, No. 23: LeBron James, No. 24: Kobe Bryant, No. 25: Gail Goodrich, No. 26: Dan Scheyers, No. 27: Jordan Hill, No. 28: DJ Mbenga, No. 30: Julius Randall, No. 31: Kurt Rambis, No. 32: Elvin Johnson and No. 33: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

No. 22: Elgin Baylor

  Biggest contender: Slattery Martin

  Honorable Mention (a total of six have crossed No. 22 in team history): Ron Fayle Ezell, McCoy Ingram

  Baylor saw the transition from the Minneapolis Lakers to the Los Angeles Lakers, and he is one of the few Lakers legends in franchise history who has never won a championship. 1958 draft, the Minneapolis Lakers selected Baylor with the first pick and announced his retirement early in the 1971-72 season. Immediately afterwards, the Lakers set a record of 33 consecutive wins and won the championship in one fell swoop. Baylor also received a championship ring that year, though he only played in nine games that season.

  The Lakers erected a statue of Baylor outside Staples Center in 2018, and he is also the Lakers’ all-time rebounding leader, grabbing 11,463 rebounds in total. In his career, Baylor broke the NBA single-game scoring record twice, once by scoring 64 points and once by scoring 71 points. 1962 finals game 5, facing the Celtics Baylor got 61 points, which is still the finals single-game scoring record. So, what doubt is there that Baylor is the greatest owner of the No. 22 jersey?

No. 23: LeBron James

  Biggest contender: Cedric Cebalos

  Honorable Mention (15 in total team history have crossed No. 23): Stu Lenzie, Louis Williams

  No. 23 may be the most iconic number in basketball, but in Lakers’ team history, it’s just an ordinary number. James’ first two seasons with the Lakers were blighted by injuries and an epidemic, respectively, and even then, he has played more games in No. 23 (115) than the vast majority of players in Lakers history. Except for one of them, Sebalos played 144 games in No. 23 from 1994 to early 1997, when he was a rising star on the Lakers, but after all, it was impossible for him to reach James’ impact.

  In the summer of 2018, James, a four-time MVP, joined the Lakers as a free agent, changing their fortunes forever. With Davis and a host of respectable role players on board, James and the Lakers are well prepared for a championship run this spring. James is averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.6 assists per game this season, and is expected to get his fifth career regular season MVP. it remains to be seen how far the 35-year-old James can lead the Lakers, and will he stay with the Lakers long enough to get the number 23 retired? Will Davis be able to carry the torch from James soon enough? Will James try to do so again after his plan to give the No. 23 to Davis was blocked by the league last summer?

 No. 24: Kobe Bryant

  Biggest contender: Keith Erickson

  Honorable Mention (22 in total team history have worn number 24): Dick Schnittke, Kermit Washington, Ron Boone, George McLeod

  To become the greatest owner of a particular jersey number in league history, it’s a risky decision to change numbers mid-career. Kobe wearing number 8 gave the impression of a small explosive head, slashing 81 points in a single game and needing to rely on the shoulders of the great shark O’Neal. And wear No. 24 Kobe more mature and stronger, experienced the dynasty of change, after a hundred battles Kobe precipitated a lot. If No. 8 represents youth and frivolity, Kobe once said, “No. 24 is a kind of growth, from family and children, from the team of young people to grow up with a broader vision of the veteran.”

  In 2008 Kobe wore the No. 24 jersey to get the only MVP of his career, and No. 24 Kobe also took two more championship trophies for the Lakers. The Lakers’ first game after Kobe’s tragic death in January, the courtside seats were covered with Kobe’s No. 24 jersey, which was the most intimate number we had about the man before the helicopter crash. 24 witnessed Kobe’s transformation from recklessness to maturity. The number 24 Kobe retired with a small Oscar, the number 24 Kobe strolled through the crowd at Disneyland pushing a stroller, and the number 24 Kobe wrote a book for children. Until the last day of his life, Kobe was still coaching his daughter’s basketball team, which is the No. 24 Kobe.

No. 25: Gail Goodrich

  Biggest contender: Eddie Jones

  Honorable Mention (a total of seven have worn No. 25 in team history): Leroy Ellis, Mitch Kupchak, Keith Owens

Incredibly, five other players have worn No. 25 since Goodridge retired and during the time he was inducted into the Hall of Fame Lakers retired the No. 25 jersey in 1996. As a young player, Goodrich wore No. 11 for two seasons with the Lakers, then went to the Sun in 1968 and was sent back to the Lakers after being selected as an All-Star in the Sun. With legends like Jerry West and Chamberlain on the Lakers’ team at the time, Goodridge still became the team’s scoring leader for four straight seasons and led the way to a historic 1971-72 season. Goodridge played a major role in shaping the history of the new generation of Lakers, who were compensated with many draft picks when he left to join the Jazz, including the 1979 first overall pick, which was the key to destiny. The Lakers used the first pick to select Magic Johnson in the 1979 draft. Goodridge returned to the Lakers and averaged 22.5 points and 5 assists in seven seasons, forming one of the best backcourt tandems in league history with Jerry West.

 No. 26: Dan Scheyers

  Biggest contender: None

  Honorable Mention (1 in total team history through #26): None

The son of one of the league’s earliest stars, Dolph Scheyers, the 6-foot-11 Dan was a mainstay of the NBA from 1981-1999, and was associated with the Lakers for only a brief moment in his long career. The first and only player in Lakers history to wear No. 26, Dan played in 13 games for the Lakers in 1993-94, with his best performance being 11 points in a 29-point loss to the Suns on April 13 of that year.

No. 27: Jordan Hill

  Biggest contender: Art Spoelstra

  Honorable Mention (2 in team history through #27): None

Hill, who has a solid rebounding and excellent shooting touch, was very productive in 144 games with the Lakers from 2011-15, and started 57 games in his last season before using his player option to jump out of his contract to join the Pacers. Hill was one of the leading interior players alongside Nick Young, Jodie Meeks, Jordan Clarkson and Jeremy Lin, contributing 9.9 points and 7.2 rebounds in 22 minutes per game. Hill is the first Laker to wear No. 27 since Spoelstra, who wore it for 50 games during the 1957-58 season with the Minneapolis Lakers before being traded to the Knicks.

  No. 28: DJ Mbenga

  Biggest contender: Tarik Black

  Honorable Mention (a total of four have worn No. 28 in team history): Jason Kapono, Quinn Cook

  Near the end of the 2007-08 season, Mbenga signed a short 10-day contract with the Lakers. He appeared in 98 games over two seasons with the Lakers, and may have averaged only seven minutes of playing time, but that doesn’t mean his significance to the Lakers can be ignored. As Mike Trudell wrote on the Lakers’ website in 2010, “On a Lakers team with such a colorful personality, Mbenga’s presence is like a rainbow.” Nicknamed “Congo Money” by his teammates, Mbenga, who was born in the Congo and raised in Belgium, is a black belt in judo and speaks seven languages. While some analysts believe Black was the more prolific player of the Lakers’ No. 28 jersey, Mbenga was a member of the Lakers’ later two-game winning streak.

No. 30: Julius Randall

  Biggest contender: George Lynch

  Honorable Mention (17 total through #30 in team history): Cornell Werner, Brad Davis, Tracy Murray, Troy Daniels

  Randle’s Lakers debut was highly publicized at the time, when Lakers fans were not used to the team having very high draft picks every year and would be very excited about youngsters with very good prospects. The Lakers’ lottery picks before Randle go back 20 years to Bynum and Eddie Jones, so it’s understandable that some of those fans who thought Randle, the seventh overall pick in 2014, would immediately excel. In fact, Randle suffered a serious injury after only 14 minutes of his rookie season, breaking his left leg while attacking the basket, and then spending his entire rookie season recovering from the injury. Luckily, Randle returned the following year as a stronger player, becoming one of the few bright spots in the Lakers’ rebuilding period. After watching Randle’s preseason performance prior to his return, Kobe made an impactful comment, “He looks like he can do anything.”

  Randle contributed 13.5 points and 8.9 rebounds per game in four seasons with the Lakers, who released Randle, who became a free agent in 2018, in order to build a roster around James. After being in and out of the starting lineup in his final season with the Lakers, Randle has found his most comfortable niche: center in a small-ball lineup. After Christmas, he started the last 49 games of the season, contributing 18.6 points and 9.1 rebounds per game.

No. 31: Kurt Rambis

  Biggest contender: Myer Kantes

  Honorable Mention (12 in team history have crossed #31): Zelmo Beaty, Spencer Haywood, Sam Bowie, Kris Mihm, Thomas Bryant, Mike Muscala, Dion Waiters

  Rambis has held many positions with the Lakers, from assistant coach of a championship team to an influential special advisor to management today. If the Buss family is the first generation of Lakers managers, the Rambis and Jeanne Buss are the second. The Rambis of decades ago was the guy with the glasses who infused the Showtime era Lakers with resilience. Although his achievements were not as good as those of his contemporaries who won MVPs and were inducted into the Hall of Fame, averaging only 4.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in a total of nine seasons during his two stints with the Lakers, he worked with the Lakers for nearly 30 years and got eight championship rings, four of which he got as a player. Rambis’ success and toughness earned him the respect of the Oregon Coast-born Lakers, who like Rambis, returned to the Lakers late in his career. 30 jersey on the Lakers may have left a deeper impression, averaging 9.7 points and 6.9 rebounds in six seasons, but the Lakers lost all three of their 1967-70 Finals trips. The trip.

No. 32: Elvin Johnson

  Biggest contender: Jim Cribbs

  Honorable Mention (a total of 5 in team history have crossed #32): Bill Bridges, Kaz Russell

  It can be said that without Magic Johnson, the Lakers would not have Showtime era, so are the Lakers still the Lakers today? Almost every part about the Lakers’ glorious heritage can be traced back to the 6’9″ point guard. After Jerry Buss bought the Lakers from Jack Kent Cooke, he understood that Magic Johnson was the superstar the team needed for the future. Magic Johnson’s charisma was a perfect fit for the City of Angels, and he was one of the city’s brightest stars. Although the Lakers moved to Los Angeles in the first 20 years, the team has always had a dominant level of strength, 9 finals but only 1 championship. Magic Johnson brought liveliness and joy to the quiet Jabbar. In Game 6 of the 1980 Finals, Magic Johnson, in his rookie season, replaced the ailing Jabbar as the starting center, scoring 42 points and 15 rebounds to eliminate the 76ers on the road, creating a great story.

  If it wasn’t for the sudden retirement in 1991 when AIDS was detected, Magic Johnson and Jabbar could have gotten more championships. 3 times MVP and 3 times FMVP, Magic Johnson can be said to be the first point guard in history. The rivalry between him and Larry Bird was the biggest attraction of the Yellow-Green War 2.0 version, driving the popularity of the NBA in a new generation of young people. Although later as the Lakers head coach and president of basketball operations did not achieve the same success as the player period, but as a player Magic Johnson’s significance to the Lakers is revolutionary.

No. 33: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  Biggest contender: Kaz Russell

  Honorable Mention (a total of nine have crossed No. 33 in team history): Holt Rod Hundley, Carton Nash, Tom Hawkins

  The key to the game of basketball is how to put the ball in the basket, and no one is more efficient at that than Jabbar. With a career total of 38,387 points, Jabbar’s all-time scoring record has been unbroken for nearly 30 years since he passed Chamberlain in 1984. In a league full of power and physical collisions, Jabbar’s trademark skyhook moves were aesthetically pleasing and there was little to limit his hitting percentage. After spending the first six seasons of his career with the Bucks and winning a championship in 1971, Jabbar filed a trade request to join the Lakers in 1975 to save the Lakers after Jerry West retired a year earlier. During his time with the Lakers, Jabbar won three of his six MVPs. 1985 led the Lakers to their third of five Showtime era titles, but it was the first time they beat the Celtics, and Jabbar got the FMVP.

  About the story of the No. 33 jersey, after learning that Jabbar was coming to the Lakers in 1975, Kaz Russell, who originally wore No. 33, gave up the number and replaced it with No. 32. So he became the last player to wear number 33 before Jabbar, and he was also the last player to wear number 32 before Magic Johnson.

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Start a new chapter in your career! Caruso bids fond farewell to the Lakers

Start a new chapter in your career! Caruso bids fond farewell to the Lakers, Kuzma basks in Wizards’ No. 33 jersey

On August 7, the Lakers officially announced a number of new additions to the team, while Caruso, Kuzma and others who played for the Lakers last season have also opened a new chapter with other teams.

After Caruso finished signing with the Bulls, he changed his social media avatar to a picture of himself wearing the No. 4 Lakers jersey. He posted several photos of himself when he played for the Lakers and expressed his gratitude to the Lakers by posting a review of his Lakers career.

So far in his career, Caruso has played 184 games for the Lakers, averaging 5.9 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. He signed a four-year, $37 million contract with the Bulls.

Caruso went to the Bulls, while Kuzma joined the Wizards via trade. Previously, Kuzma had already posted a message thanking the Lakers, and now he has arrived in Washington to open a new chapter in his career as well. Kuzma showed his Wizards No. 33 jersey.

Only one player in Wizards history has worn number 0, and that is Arias, and although the Wizards have not retired his jersey, it should be considered an early seal. After Arias left, no player wore this number again for 11 years, and last season’s Wizards also switched to wearing number 4.

Will the Lakers retire James’ jersey?

As the first person in the league, even at the age of 37, James is still the target of all teams chasing, this is the influence of James, whether it is the Heat or the Cavaliers, I think they will retire the jersey that James had fought, so will the Lakers retire James’ jersey?

After Kobe retired, after many years, James wore the No. 23 jersey last season to help the Lakers win the seventeenth crown in team history, which is enough for the Lakers to retire James’ No. 23 jersey, next season James will wear the No. 6 jersey to continue to fight for the Lakers, after this season’s loss, James may want to start over, with a brand new jersey to help the Lakers win more honors.

However, the famous mouth Stephen A. Smith talked about the topic of whether the Lakers should retire James jerseys in the future.

Smith said: he thinks the Lakers will not two James jersey all retired, the biggest possibility is to retire a jersey, then, Smith continued: If James to retire the jersey in the Lakers, he needs to win another championship, taking into account the Lakers’ glorious history, Kobe, O’Neal, Jabbar those great players, James only a championship can not be enough, he needs to win another championship to retire the jersey in .

I’ll say my opinion, next season James wearing the No. 6 jersey can play in the Lakers until retirement, the probability will be retired two jerseys. Why do you say so?

The Lakers have been silent for too long since Kobe, and the years of waiting have finally won James to join the team, and James won a championship ring for the Lakers in the second year of joining, which itself deserves that honor. The Lakers will show their full sincerity.

Next is the No. 6 jersey, although James is already 37 years old, but on James’s current state, and then play three years should not be a big problem, basically has determined that James will choose to retire in the Lakers, after the failure of this season, the Lakers’ road to replenishment is imperative, cherish James’s last time, and strive for the Lakers to get another crown, is the biggest expectation of Aunt Jenny at the moment.

If James takes another crown will only make his career more plentiful, even if James can’t take another crown for the Lakers, I think Auntie Jenny’s character will still give James enough respect to retire two jerseys at the same time is not out of the question.

Well, that’s it for today. Do you think the Lakers will retire both of James’ jerseys at the same time?

Anthony worn the Lakers’ No. 7 jersey for the new season

Anthony worn the Lakers’ No. 7 jersey for the new season

On August 8, the Lakers officially announced the new addition of eight players player numbers for Lakers jerseys, of which, Anthony’s number is No. 7, as a veteran, even after joining to James to play backup, the Lakers still gave enough respect, the jersey number did not change.

Recently, the U.S. media exposed a photo of the Lakers locker room, in which the new aid Anthony’s jersey has been made and hung in the exclusive locker in the Lakers home locker room, see this scene, really feel the master back to green, think about it exciting.

The new season, Anthony will wear the Lakers No. 7 jersey battle, and the sidekick or James, also the best of the 03 platinum generation, the two can fight side by side, compared to the peak of the past James teamed up with Wade, late in his career to see James teamed up with Anthony, the significance is more extraordinary.

At the same time for Anthony, No. 7 jersey has a special significance, in the Knicks period, Anthony is No. 7 jersey, the Rockets period, is also No. 7 jersey, after joining the Trail Blazers, wearing the 00 jersey, now back to the Lakers, and No. 7 jersey.

The new season, Anthony teamed up with James in the Lakers, perhaps can not be said to be teamed up, only to be able to say that the group to win the title, after all, the Lakers have James, Willow, Davis, such a super Big Three, is the Lakers to win the title of the biggest guarantee, and Anthony, only to provide a little power.