2022 NBA All Star Team Pool

2022 NBA All Star Team Pool

The NBA 2022 All-Star list was announced after an uproar, the network comments are for Chris Paul fight, the most classic one comment is “rice circle basketball is disgusting”, this sentence for the NBA is how big irony ah.

Here we look at the list of the East West.

West All-Star starting list: James, Curry, Jokic, Wiggins, Morant.

East All-Star starting list: Durant, Alphabet, Embiid, DeRozan, Trae Young.

From personal data and team record Chris Paul did not serve as an All-Star starter, which is really unfair and unacceptable to most fans. Paul averaged 14.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, 10.1 assists, 1.9 steals and 0.3 caps this season, and the Suns were first in the league in terms of record. Heartache old gun, I think the all-star debut is no longer Paul’s goal, nor is it what he wants, his goal is very clear is the NBA championship.

The same as Booker did not start, according to data Booker and Curry, Morant is also comparable, but the Suns record in the Grizzlies and the Warriors, Booker also did not start as an All-Star, it is a pity. Booker and Paul can not be the All-Star starters, they can do is to send the head coach as the All-Star starters, the Western All-Star team head coach by the Suns head coach Monty as.

This year’s All-Star Western All-Star team’s front line starting position appears to be somewhat lacking, James and Wiggins starting front line players, James averaged 29.1 points 7.7 rebounds 6.3 assists 1.6 steals 1.1 caps, Wiggins averaged 18.1 points 4.2 assists 2.0 rebounds 0.9 steals 0.6 caps, the two data comparison this is simply not at a high level. From this point you can see that the starting front line in the west is really nobody.

On the contrary, the East this year is the rise of the herd in the situation, the Bulls directly turned over when the big brother, the Cavaliers also returned to the ranks of the playoff teams, the 76ers, the Bucks, the Netss is not the East only hand to cover the team.

Eastern All-Star starting guard DeRozan deservedly, there is no dispute, the Bulls record first in the East, DeRozan averaged 26.4 points, 5 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 0.8 steals and 0.3 caps, here first congratulate Azan a little.

Harden is not in the list of Eastern All-Star starters, which is also really surprising, this season Harden averaged almost 20+ triple-double data, with a broken network to fight forward, the early part of the season although not back to form, but slowly find their way back to the rocket period. Harden and Paul like their goal is the championship, so long ago have released these.

This year’s All-Stars feel increasingly tasteless. All-star measurement is also increasingly opaque. The original is based on strength, but now is to fight the relationship. This kind of All-Star game is not to be seen.

2022 NBA All-Star Ended Roll

2022 NBA All-Star Ended Roll

The All-Star Game is a performing art with four lessons: play, dunk, shoot, and kill.

Cleveland’s 75th anniversary All-Star game played out all four of these lessons, especially Curry’s shooting and James’ shutout.

In the place where they were both born, Curry finally accomplished his All-Star success, setting an All-Star game record for three points with 16 kills and becoming the AMVP for the first time, while James, who shot poorly throughout the game, staged a shutout, beating Durant 163-160 to complete the “LeBron team” of five wins.

Compared with yesterday’s bad dunk contest, the All-Star game is generally more exciting, the key is to have patience, from the second quarter to find the main line of pulse, the third quarter began to look forward to the fourth quarter of the real fight, waiting for the most exciting moment to come.

Although the format has been modified to honor Kobe with the last quarter, the 3+1 format is still a bit too long. The first quarter is for playing, but today’s first quarter, the two sides a little unable to find a place to start, not too much fun to play. From the field, the pace is slow, the wonderful cooperation is less, Durant team Embiid constantly in the dunk, LeBron team is the letter a person play, James’s three-point touch is not good, from the first quarter has begun.

But Embiid wants to take the MVP, from the first quarter can already feel, he threw in a three, all the other is dunk, a single section took 11 points. Not many big centers take the All-Star MVP, counting forward is O’Neal, once in 2000 and Duncan tied for it, and another time in 2004 in Los Angeles. With no ball in the big center’s hands, it takes a great defender to feed the ball, and Embiid simply took matters into his own hands.

In fact it was in the second quarter that everyone started to find a bit of a doorway and the beautiful matchups gradually increased. It was also from this section that Curry had the beginnings of taking the MVP, as he scored 18 points on 6 of 7 from three in a single section, the highest scoring star of the first half.

In the process, some young stars jumped on the bandwagon, such as the “three-ball” Ball and Dejounte Murray, who did not play in the first quarter, cut 10 and 13 points in the second quarter, respectively, to improve the quality of the Durant team’s cooperation, but also the momentum of Embiid than, because he only played more than 3 minutes in this quarter to take 6 points. LeBron’s Garland and Allen, showed the tacit understanding of the young power of the hosts, with Garland scoring 10 points alone in the second quarter.

The main line of Curry and Embiid competing for MVP has been slightly clearer in the first two quarters, with Embiid’s 17 points to Curry’s 24. All-star game who get MVP, is a waterfall result, we play while watching, someone will be like Embiid from the beginning to reveal the idea, someone play while looking for the feeling, the key goods to the right board, play up, teammates will feed you the ball, the rest will see if you can win.

Embiid fell into the first half of the wind, but as long as the Durant team won, he scored less than Curry can also get MVP, so he was extra hard in the third quarter, playing 7 minutes to get 12 points. And, the second and third quarter Curry has been shooting three points like crazy, Embiid gave up the buckle only approach, from the second quarter to greatly increase the three point shots, two sections of three points 4 of 6.

But Curry has put the LeBron team in complete control of the game in their own hands, he has a great touch, the third quarter of the three-point shot and into 7, equal to the second and third quarter of 17 in 13, not only a single section of 21 points, but also after three quarters has 45 points to hand.

At this time Curry not only took teammates’ passes to shoot threes, but the ball was in his own hands after the serve, and he shot from super long range when he had the chance. He scored only one two-point shot in the whole game, 8 of the 16 threes belonged to the super long three, and at least 3 belonged to the logo shot that stepped on the logo.

As I said at the beginning, the All-Star Game is a performing art, playing, dunking, shooting, and shutting out, where dunks are not just dunks, they have to be spectacular. Today’s game pitched history, but not many particularly exciting dunks, one impressive one from LaVine and another from Trey Young to Morant’s air dunk.

With Durant not on the sidelines due to the death of his grandmother, starting point guard Trae Young became the de facto leader of the team, with 10 assists in less than 20 minutes, including this first quarter air dunk for Morant, who caught the ball in the air and turned around for a 180-degree back dunk.

Unfortunately, the All-Star game is more or less seniority-based and doesn’t treat big centers very well. Although Trey Young is not the first time to start, but limited playing time, the popular rising star Morant is only played less than 18 minutes, scoring 6 points. Another group of youngsters, Ball and Murray, played even less minutes, but they were allowed to play the last quarter (untimed). On the LeBron team, VanVleet, playing his first All-Star game, played less than one minute.

Embiid fended for himself with 29 points to Curry’s 45 after 3 quarters, and with Durant’s team still up by 1. If Embiid’s team wins, the MVP is of course his. In this way, 139 + 24 = 163, the last section of the target points have, the two sides began to play for real.

At this point the main line is clear, the protagonist stands out, only to win the ball. The actual game, closer to the basket, Embiid showed the advantage, he took 7 points in the fourth quarter, and Durant team also on Curry strict defense, let him this section of the three points only 6 in 1. In the eyes of Curry, Davis that 52 points single game record is also the goal, but win or lose is more important, he just started to throw into the long-range three points, LeBron team once ahead by 5 points, and then into the 2 points already have 50 points to hand, but after he has 5 But then he had five chances to break Davis’ record, but none of the threes went in.

The final period Embiid has killed crazy, almost wrapped up the rebound, even bucket with free throws also rebounded the score. At this point, James’s skill in picking people worked, he grabbed the letters in his hands, the king of mid-range shooting DeRozan was in his own hands, and God allotted Jarrett Allen to him after Harden was injured. Team LeBron had more of a height advantage in the final moments, as Allen, Alphabet and James, who played a lot of 5 this season, combined to surround Embiid, stealing his rebounds and James capped him.

Embiid, who scored 36 points, was tired, and it was LaVine who stepped up with a slashing foul shot and a three point catch from Booker to bring the deficit to 160-161.

Four assignments, and the last one – the shutout – were not completed.

With his back to LaVine, James prepared a one-two punch with a step-back shot to attempt the kill. That’s when Embiid lunged, James ignored it, and the ball was due to hit. It was a sudden death style game, no need to time the shutout.

The MVP will of course go to Curry, but also after the voting process. the NBA has a committee of journalists with 11 votes, and another vote from the aggregation of fan network votes. As a result, Curry got all 11 votes from the press committee, and that fan vote went to James.

It doesn’t matter who the first All-Star “Kobe Cup” goes to, the two stars were born in the same place and in the same hospital. In Cleveland completed a historic all-star game cooperation.

This play, buckle, shoot, kill the art of performance, no rehearsal, live staged, in one go. Want to perform another change, no longer will there be a repeat. To be able to see such a collaboration is a blessing to the eyes.