Two teams retired their jerseys for him,who is he ?

Two teams retired their jerseys for him, in addition to O’Neal what other legends did?

For NBA players, the greatest moment of their careers, besides winning championships and entering the Hall of Fame, is estimated to be the moment when their jersey hangs high above the arena. on December 23, legendary center O’Neal stood at the American Airlines Center in Miami and watched his Heat jersey slowly rise above the arena for the second time. This is the second time O’Neal has enjoyed a jersey retirement ceremony since April 3, 2013, when his Lakers jersey was retired at Staples Arena, and he is the only one whose jersey has been retired on a different team since entering the 21st century. Perhaps some fans will wonder why a player’s NBA jersey can be retired so many times. In fact, in the history of the NBA, O’Neal is not the only player who can enjoy “multiple retirements” of his jersey.

On April 2, 2013, the Lakers held a retirement ceremony for O’Neal’s No. 34 jersey.

The Heat actually retired Jordan’s jersey at the ceremony site, when the crowd watched the slow rise of O’Neal’s No. 32 jersey during his time with the Heat, only to find that there were actually four jerseys already hanging over the Heat. In addition to Hardaway and Mourning, there was also NFL Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino’s No. 13 and Michael Jordan’s No. 23 jersey.

If Dan Marino is considered to have contributed to Miami, then Jordan has left Miami fans with countless painful memories. The “Flyers” retired a “mashup jersey” in Miami, half Bulls and half Wizards, purely because the Heat wanted to pay tribute to Jordan. But in 2003, when the Heat had not yet retired their jerseys, Jordan’s No. 23 actually became the first retired jersey in the Heat’s history.

In the NBA, there is one player who has taken the lead in jersey retirement, with jerseys retired on three different teams, and that is Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain’s No. 13 jersey is hung high in the arena by the Warriors, 76ers and Lakers. He averaged 41.5 points and 25.1 rebounds in six seasons with the Warriors, 27.6 points and 23.9 rebounds in four seasons with the 76ers, and won one championship, while he averaged 17.7 points and 19.2 rebounds in five seasons with the Lakers, also helping them win one championship. And in the current NBA world, the Raptors, Hornets, Clippers, Grizzlies and Magic have no players jerseys retired. But this one, the Magic is very original. Orlando Magic retired a No. 6 jersey, not because of an outstanding player who contributed, but for the fans. The team believes that the fans cheering on the sidelines gave the team great support, just like the team’s sixth man, and therefore retired the No. 6 jersey.

Nickname “Pistol” Pete Maravich is one of the biggest names in NBA history. He averaged 24.2 points per game in his career and played six seasons in New Orleans and Utah, averaging 25.2 points, 4.3 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game during that time. The Utah Jazz have since retired his No. 7 jersey, while the New Orleans Pelicans have retired his No. 7 jersey in appreciation of Maravich’s contributions to Louisiana basketball.

Drexler is one of the 50 greatest players in the NBA, and his No. 22 jersey now hangs in the Blazers and Rockets arentuas. He played 11 and a half seasons with the Trail Blazers, where he was the all-time scoring and steals leader, and 3 and a half seasons with the Rockets, where he helped them win a championship.

Many young fans today only know Barkley’s signature as “Big Mouth”, but they don’t know that back then, he was only 198cm tall and dominated the basketball with his strong body. Barkley’s No. 34 jersey was retired by both the 76ers and Suns, and he averaged 23.3 points and 11.6 rebounds per game in eight seasons with the 76ers. He averaged 23.4 points and 11.5 rebounds in four seasons with the Suns, where he also won the MVP and led the Suns to the finals.

Julius Erving played for the 76ers for 11 seasons, averaging 22 points and 6.7 rebounds per game, and also won the MVP and championship, so his No. 6 jersey was retired in the 76ers. During the ABA league, Irving also played for the old New York Nets, winning MVP in all 3 seasons and two championships, so his No. 32 jersey was retired in the Nets as well.

Moses Malone played for seven teams, six seasons with the Rockets and five with the 76ers, and led the team to one championship during his time with the 76ers, so his No. 2 jersey was retired with the 76ers and No. 24 with the Rockets.

Oscar Robertson is one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA. As the “triple-double king,” Oscar was the most important player for the Cincinnati Royals (formerly the Kings), so his number 14 jersey now hangs in the Kings’ arena. In addition, he played for the Bucks for four seasons and helped them win a championship with Jabbar, so his No. 1 jersey is also retired with the Bucks.

In “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 20-year career, he played for two teams, the Lakers and Bucks, and helped the Bucks win their only championship in franchise history, so his No. 33 jersey was retired at the Bucks. During his time with the Lakers, he helped them win the title five times and won the MVP three times, and the Lakers retired his No. 33 jersey as well.

Dragic officially joins Brooklyn Nets, switches to No. 9 jersey

Dragic officially joins Brooklyn Nets, switches to No. 9 jersey

Nets officially welcomed the 35-year-old veteran GoranDragic to join this year, No. 9 jersey is his uniform, this is Dragic in the NBA for the first time to wear the Nets jersey number.

Goran Dragic has spent his career with the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors, and has worn jerseys #1, #2, #3 and #7 one after another. KevinDurant is No. 7 jersey; as for No. 3 is the retired deceased star basketball world Mozart Petrovic (DrazenPetrovic) jersey.

Based on this, Dragić is wearing the number 9 NBA jersey.

Dragic was an All-Star Game selection in 2018, won the Most Improved Player of the Year award in 2014 and was named to the 3rd Team of the Year squad. Averaged 13.9 points, 4.8 assists and 3.1 rebounds in 872 career games played.

2021 Brooklyn Nets City Edition jersey in honor of Jean-Michel Basquiat

2021 Brooklyn Nets City Edition jersey in honor of Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Brooklyn Nets City Edition NBA jersey for the 2021 season is in honor of Brooklyn artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Brooklyn Nets players Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden and others are very fond of the design style.

Basquiat (1960-1988) was a Brooklyn-born artist who, at the age of 20, became famous for his groundbreaking paintings and soon became a sought-after figure in the New York art world of the early 1980s.

Basquiat created a series of influential and expressive works that exposed many social issues and the hypocrisy of society, and it was these works that earned him international recognition

Although he died at the age of 27, his work remains powerfully influential today.

Describing himself as a starting point to the depths of humanity, Basquiat’s vivid, poignant and highly abstract paintings use motifs from New York street culture to explore issues of race, class and honor.

Although Basquiat is not a street artist, his work is intrinsically tied to the urban environment. The work appears at first glance to be graffiti, drawing on street art for its composition, typically painted on, for example, abandoned doors and discarded crates.

In 1976, Basquiat and his friend Al Diaz began graffitiing the walls of Lower Manhattan under the stage name “SAMO©”. The name is an allusion to “same old shit”.

They cleverly used the stage name in their work to inspire passersby. Later, he became a household name after starting his own rock band, appearing in Edo Bertoglio’s independent films and befriending Andy Warhol.

In 1982, at the age of 21, Basquiat released his first solo album, which sold out.

After his overnight success, Basquiat met David Bowie, fell in love with Madonna, made a music video, and even appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Even now, 25 years after his death, his influence remains. His work is widely collected by celebrities and museums, and his name appears in the lyrics of many contemporary rappers, including Jay-Z, Macklemore and Kanye West.

It would not be an overstatement to say that Basquiat was a man who changed the world of art.

His extraordinary talent helped him establish a new form of stunning expressionist painting, and his work also exposed some of the most important and provocative social issues of 20th century North America.

Basquiat’s groundbreaking and provocative artistic approach transformed New York in the 1980s into a radical visual language that exposed social struggles and the hypocrisy and history of society.

Like hip-hop, jazz, sports, comic strips and graffiti, Basquiat was influenced by high art – “abstract expressionism and conceptualism” – and used repetitive motifs to explore the issues he continued to confront in his life and art.

Basquiat’s greatest breakthrough was not his own success, but that of all his contemporaries.

Celtics retire Kevin Garnett jersey, legendary glory will hang high in TD Garden

Celtics retire Kevin Garnett jersey, legendary glory will hang high in TD Garden

Kevin Garnett, a legendary power forward in the NBA league, has been selected as an NBA All-Star 15 times in his career and was the banner player who led the Boston Celtics to their 17th championship from 2007-2008.

Garnett, 45, will add another chapter to his NBA glory by becoming the 24th Celtic to have his NBA jersey number retired in a pre-game ceremony. His No. 5 jersey will be elevated to the open space next to the TD Garden rafters, where Garnett’s former teammate Paul Pierce already hung No. 34 high in TD Garden four years ago. Looking back on his six seasons with the Celtics, Kevin Garnett was one of the Celtics’ undeniable absolute centerpieces.

Garnett chose to retire in 2015-16 after returning to the Minnesota Timberwolves, where his dream began. His time with the Celtics changed his career. Garnett said, “I’m always aware of the people that have come before me and paved the way for me.”

When Garnett was drafted fifth overall by the Timberwolves at the age of 19, he ushered in a new era in a league that had never seen a player with his skills at 6-foot-11. Long and lean but agile, Garnett moved like a guard, creating the prototype of a power forward capable of using his outside shooting ability to stretch opposing defenses. It revolutionized the league, so much so that players with this ability are now essential in building modern NBA rosters.

Although he was never a true center, he still used his 240 pounds to impose his presence in the paint on both ends of the court, despite jumping straight from high school to the pros. But after leading the Timberwolves to the playoffs eight times in 12 seasons, Garnett didn’t get them over the hump. After being named an All-Star for the 10th time in 2007, he was traded to the Celtics as the final part of an offseason restructuring that saw him team up with future Hall of Famers Pierce and Ray Allen to form the Green Army Big Three.

It constitutes the latest incarnation of the Big Three blueprint that has followed NBA teams to championships over the years – from the Celtics’ dominance in the 1960s, to the Showtime Lakers in the 1980s, to the six championships of the Michael Jordan-led Bulls in the 1990s. In hindsight, Garnett admits he wasn’t sure their version would live up to the expectations placed on them in ’07.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself. I’m confident in my abilities. I guess my biggest concern is how am I going to get along with Paul? How am I going to mesh with Ray? How am I going to mesh with some of the young guys here?” Garrett recalled. “(Former GM Danny Angel) had a plan. I don’t know if it was the exact plan, but it worked out.” Garnett said his homework in Boston and the environment he stepped into helped prepare him mentally for his first season in green and white. Whether it was challenging his teammates in practice or pushing them in games, it fueled his intensity.

“I’ve never been less than 100 percent in a game,” Garrett said. “I heard Larry Bird say once in his early years in Boston …… that the reason he likes playing in front of Boston fans is because you can’t fake them. You can’t fool the fans. They know when you’re playing hard. They know when you’re giving it your all. They have a sense of basketball history and a high basketball IQ. They care. And I never forget that.”

Garnett No. 5 jersey officially retired

Garnett No. 5 jersey officially retired.

March 13, 2022 – Kevin Garnett is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the history of the Boston Celtics. 2008, he led this team to its first championship in more than 20 years, and the Celtics today officially held a No. 5 NBA jersey retirement ceremony for Garnett. Including Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, former Celtics general manager Danny Angel and others came to the scene to witness this moment of glory for Garnett. And Bill Russell, Doug Rivers and Rajon Rondo and many other famous players and former teammates who could not be there also sent their blessings across the room.

At the retirement ceremony, Paul Pierce gave a speech in which he wanted to express his gratitude to Garnett on behalf of all the fans and himself for the glory he brought back to the Green Army. Celtics owner Wyc said: “Garnett came here and from the moment the first practice started, everything changed. A lot of guys contributed to the championship, but KG would never let us lose that year, he’s one of my favorite guys and one of my favorite Celtics players.”

In the face of the enthusiastic cheers that erupted from the fans on the floor, Garnett thanked all those who had helped him, and also gave special thanks to the Celtics fans for being able to keep supporting him: “I miss you guys (fans), I know you’re all fucking supportive, but I didn’t expect you to be so supportive.” In his speech, Garnett expressed his love for this team and said bluntly that if the team had all stayed healthy at the time, they would have won a few more championship rings.

In addition, Garnett also talked about his old teammate Ray Allen. “It’s great to see Ray Allen here. I’m serious. It’s good to see you, baby. You’re next!” Garnett said. Garnett, Ray Allen and Pierce then hugged each other tightly in a touching scene.

Obviously, the Celtics jersey retirement has a lot of significance for Garnett, “Honestly, I try to stay humble. It was such a shock to me, you know what I mean? When kids come up to me and express their appreciation for different things, I don’t really know what to say other than thank you. I just stay true to myself and who I am, and that’s the easiest way to do it, I don’t want to be another me.” Garnett said.

However, Garnett himself admitted that he had his own doubts when he first joined the Celtics. “I had a lot of confidence in myself, I had a lot of confidence in my ability. I think my biggest concern was how I was going to work with Paul Pierce, how I was going to work with Ray Allen, if I was going to play with the young guys here. (Former Celtics GM Danny Ainge) had a plan, and I don’t know if it was the best plan, but it worked out in the end.” Garnett continued.

“I never gave 100 percent in the game, Larry Bird said that in his early years with the Celtics, the reason you play in front of the fans is you can’t fool them, you can’t fool the fans, they know you play hard, they know when you’re going to give it your all, they have a high basketball IQ, they’re very supportive and I’ll never I’ll never forget that.” Garnett said.

It’s worth noting that Bill Russell and others have also sent their well wishes.

Celtics partner and lieutenant governor Steve Paliuca: “KG embodies the heart and soul of what it means to be a Celtic, and his selflessness and team leadership were key to bringing the 17th championship trophy back to Boston. He has proven in action that nothing is impossible when the team trusts each other. He’s just the best.”

Bill Russell: “Kevin, welcome to the Celtics jersey club, and I’m glad to see you as a part of it. We really enjoyed watching your previous games and now we have our jerseys hanging together over the dome. As you once said, anything is possible, congratulations.”

Perkins: “I always tell people that KG is the one who sacrifices the most, and he does that with everyone, especially with Pierce and Ray Allen. He built the culture of the team and created the atmosphere to win championships.”

Eddie House: “One thing I want to tell everybody about KG, and everybody can attest to this, is that he’s the hardest worker. For those guys who get paid top dollar, he’s always sweating it out before practice sessions already. He holds everyone accountable and he sets the bar high so that those who are low, those who are not talented, can still improve their game. That’s why we were able to win the championship.”

Karl-Anthony Towns: “Congratulations, my veteran! To the one and only Kevin Garnett, great jersey retirement, but this should never be your only jersey retirement ceremony.”

Garnett Celtics No. 5 jersey retired

Kevin Garnett’s Celtics No. 5 NBA jersey was retired in the early morning hours of March 14, 2022.

Kevin Garnett’s Celtics No. 5 NBA jersey was retired in the early morning hours of March 14, 2022.

From the summer of ’07, when he parachuted into Boston, to the summer of ’13, when he left North Shore Garden, it was a memorable six-season stretch of his career here.

One championship, one best defensive player, five All-Stars, countless ironclad defenses, countless rousing roars …… During these six years, he left countless unforgettable memories for Celtics fans.

List of retired Utah Jazz jerseys

List of retired Utah Jazz jerseys

The Utah Jazz, founded in 1974 and joined the NBA that year,, are now competing in the Western Conference. The Jazz were founded in New Orleans and did not move to Salt Lake City until 1979. Starting in the 1980s, the Jazz slowly grew and began to become a regular in the playoffs, with a regular season winning percentage of over 50%. Twice they reached the Finals, but lost to the Bulls both times. The Jazz have also had 47 years of history since their inception, which jerseys have been retired in this long transition? Take a look together.

Jersey numberPlayers
32卡尔·马龙(Karl Malone)
12约翰·斯托克顿(John Stockton)
53马克·伊顿(Mark Eaton)
35达雷尔·格里菲斯(Darrell Griffith)
14杰夫·霍纳塞克(Jeff Hornacek)
4阿德里安·丹特利(Adrian Dantley)
7皮特·马拉维奇(Pete Maravich)
9拉里·H·米勒(Larry H Miller)
1弗兰克·雷登(Frank Layden)
1233杰里·斯隆(Jerry Sloan)

Larry H Miller is the team’s former owner. Frank Layden is the team’s former head coach. Jerry Sloan is the team’s head coach.

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Pass the Jazz to add “1223” on the Jazzs jersey

Pass the Jazz to add “1223” on the jersey

After the rematch, the Jazz will honor the memory of the late, decorated head coach Jerry Sloan in a unique way. Today, the Jazz announced that they will add the word “1223” to their practice uniforms and jerseys for the remainder of the season to honor Coach Sloan.

The reason why “1223” was added to the practice jerseys and NBA jerseys is because it is the total number of wins Sloan has won during his tenure with the Jazz. It is reported that the training uniforms and jerseys with the word “1223” will be used for the first time in the first warm-up game of the Jazz on July 23, local time.

According to Greg Miller, a member of the NBA Board of Directors and now director of the Larry Miller (late former owner of the Jazz) Group, Coach Sloan will always live on in the hearts of the Jazz and the teams’ fans, and they felt it was only fitting to remember him in this way. He called Sloan’s contributions to the Jazz and the Salt Lake City community part of the Jazz’s history. They look forward to seeing “1223” on the jerseys at the Orlando rematch as a tribute to Sloan’s coaching achievements.

It is reported that the Jazz will continue to honor Coach Sloan next season, and the manner of remembrance will be announced at a later date.

Sloan was born in Illinois on March 28, 1942. He was drafted 2 times by NBA teams and finally landed in the NBA in 1965. After spending his rookie season with the Baltimore Bullets (formerly the Wizards), he spent all of his remaining 10 seasons with the Bulls. In 755 career games, Sloan played 34.1 minutes per game, averaging 14 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.2 steals on 42.7% shooting. He was a two-time All-Star and six-time Best Defensive Team selection, and his No. 4 jersey was retired by the Bulls.

After retiring, Sloan started as a Bulls assistant coach and was the Bulls’ head coach from 1979 to 1982, leading the team to 215 games and 94 wins and 121 losses. After that, Sloan spent four seasons as an assistant coach with the Jazz, and became the head coach of the Jazz on December 9, 1988, until he resigned on February 10, 2011, leading the Jazz to 1,809 regular season games and 1,127 wins and 682 losses (62.3% winning percentage). In addition, Sloan also led the Jazz in 196 playoff games, with 96 wins and 100 losses, for a total of 1,223 wins.

In 1997 and 1998, Sloan led the Jazz to back-to-back Finals, but lost to Jordan’s Bulls one after another. Sloan lived through the Jazz’s “Utah Twins” era and later built a new generation of Jazz led by Deron Williams and Boozer.

In April 2016, Sloan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome and Lewy body dementia. On May 22 of this year, Sloan died at the age of 78 due to complications.

Remember the Jazz’s No. 1223 jersey? This is the greatest tribute to the coach

Remember the Jazz’s No. 1223 jersey? This is the greatest tribute to the coach

On May 23, 2020, at around 22:30 pm, according to the official announcement of the Jazz, Jerry Sloan, the famous coach of the generation, died at the age of 78 at his home in Salt Lake City due to complications of Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

Sloan has been an NBA head coach since 1979, coaching the Bulls for 3 years and the Jazz for the next 23 years, and is the longest coach in North America in the same team in the Big Four. 26 years of coaching career, Sloan has coached a total of 2,024 games, with 1,221 wins and 803 losses, a winning percentage of 60.3%. For Chinese fans, there are at least 4 generations who remember Sloan!

First of all, Jordan’s fans, Sloan once led the Jazz to the Finals 2 times, and finally lost to Jordan’s Bulls; after Jordan retired, Sloan’s Jazz still belonged to the Western powerhouse, leaving a deep impression on Kobe and O’Neal’s fans; then Yao Ming joined the NBA, and the Jazz always eliminated Yao Ming in the playoffs, so Big Yao’s fans also remembered the “old man”.

And then later to talk about Deron Williams fans, 10-11 season Deron and Sloan produced a huge conflict, the team eventually chose to leave Deron and drive away Sloan, a generation of famous coach just left his 23 years of hard work in Salt Lake City, and never returned to the NBA coaching.

On February 1, 2014, the Jazz retired Sloan’s jersey number 1223 in recognition of the marquee player’s contributions to the team. In the official statistics, Sloan’s wins are 1221, that is because on November 18, 2010, Sloan needed to attend a family member’s funeral and missed 2 games, but the Jazz side still put the two games under Sloan’s name, so there was that biggest number of retired jerseys in NBA history, 1223. Retiring a jersey for a coach is the greatest tribute an NBA team can pay to a coach!

There are only 5 coaches in the history of the NBA who can receive this award, they are Holtzman, Fitz-Simmons, Chuck Daly, Cardinal Auerbach, and Jerry Sloan, even Zen Master Jackson can not enjoy this treatment!

In fact, as early as a few years ago, Jerry Sloan has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, the 2018 Jazz rely on Mitchell and Gobert to play in the playoffs, Sloan also went to the sidelines to watch the game, but his gaze is dull, always open mouth, eyes also look hollow, when there was fan speculation that the old man’s body is out of order. After the game Sloan also did not accept the interview, but slowly left with the help of his family.

I hope Sloan senior can have basketball company in the other world, and I hope all players and fans can be healthy and happy and enjoy their lives. Too many deceased people have left us in the NBA in recent years, and some fans have expressed such good wishes for them: in another parallel world, the Lakers and Jazz finals played to the steal seven, Kobe hit the quasi-squeeze, Jerry Sloan called off the last timeout in his hands, David Stern sat on the sidelines ready to award the FMVP trophy, while Craig Sager wore his trademark flower suit and anxiously waited for a post-game interview.

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6 Utah Jazz artwork-like jerseys

6 Utah Jazz artwork-like jerseys

As we all know, every team in the NBA has its own jersey, and in the long history of the league, some of the classic patterns or sophisticated design of the NBA jersey has become a timeless classic of history. Perhaps related to a team, perhaps related to a great superstar, so the NBA in those jerseys that are called works of art in the end what are they?

Jazz snow mountain jersey low profile with substance

As we all know, the Utah Jazz, is a very long history and very strong NBA team. Their peak was undoubtedly the period when Malone and Stockton, the Utah duo, teamed up and repeatedly reached the finals, only to lose to the Chicago Bulls led by Jordan. Although not able to get the championship, however, Malone and Stockton’s snowy mountain jersey has become a classic forever, as we all know, Salt Lake City’s altitude is very high, can be described as the devil’s home in the NBA. The low-profile and connotative snow mountain pattern on the jersey symbolizes the resilience and indomitable tenacity of the Salt Lake people, although there is no magnificent design, but it is a classic.

As we all know, the Los Angeles Lakers are the rightful giants in the history of the NBA, they won the NBA championship in the ancient times under the leadership of superstars such as McCann and West. So the history of this team can be said to be very deep. The classic yellow jersey of the Lakers is like a storybook, telling the brilliant achievements and glorious history of the Lakers since their development. Whether it’s West overcoming a tough opponent to win the title, or the Magician finals defeat the Celtics. Or OK combination, creating a new century dynasty. Are undeniable league legendary story. And this carries countless honors of the jersey is the best.

Magic jersey back to the great years

Although in more than a decade of team history, the Orlando Magic did not achieve a championship, however, their old jerseys, but can be called the classic in the NBA, especially after the new century, NBA superstar McD’s No. 1 jersey, but also become the most classic in the hearts of all Chinese fans a jersey. We all know that Orlando has a luxury Disneyland, so the Magic’s jersey design is also the same as this fantasy park, full of fantasy feeling. Blue symbolizes the ocean and the sky. And Maddie’s youth and spirit is the best interpretation of this jersey.

New Rockets jersey carries Chinese elements

Rockets Jersey

As we all know, because of the national star Yao Ming, China has a very large group of Rockets fans, and the NBA official in order to show respect for the Chinese market, is also in recent years launched the Rockets Chinese text version of the jersey. On this jersey, we can see that the original English name of the Rockets has been replaced with the Chinese character for rocket. The shape of these two words also resembles the rocket that is about to lift off, which has a very sense of line and beauty. So in the Lunar New Year, watching their own NBA stars, wearing Chinese jerseys to play, the heart will undoubtedly give birth to a strong sense of national pride.

Eagles classic jersey is a fashion masterpiece

Although the Atlanta Hawks do not get as much attention as other powerhouse teams, the Hawks, who had NBA superstars like Wilkins and Uncle Mu in the last century, are one of the league’s top teams. Their classic jersey is directly the old version of the Eagles’ team logo, embroidered on the jersey above. We can see that the old version of the Eagles logo has a sharper eye and more intuitive expression than the more modern team logo now. It is not even inferior to some of the jersey designs in the fashion world. The players also look quite powerful when they wear it.

76ers jerseys become a classic because of the answer

Compared to the many jerseys with flashy patterns above, the 76ers’ jerseys can be said to be very simple and plain. In addition to the smooth lines of the team logo, there are not too many complicated designs. However, such a jersey has become a classic in the hearts of fans in the United States and around the world forever. The reason for this is because of the greatest player in the history of the 76ers, the answer to Allen Iverson. In those heady days, Allen Iverson, like a fighter, cloaked in this 76ers classic jersey, and the Lakers and even many of the league’s strongest rivals, and achieved brilliant success, and his wild and unrestrained spirit has become a totem in the hearts of fans forever. The 76ers No. 3 jersey has also become an immortal legend in the hearts of fans.