Which NBA jersey is the best-looking? Lakers second, the Bulls design is perfect

the best looking NBA basketball jerseys among the thirty teams, lakers jersey, warriors jersey, Celtics jersey, Nuggets jersey and Bulls jersey are on the ranking.

Each team in the NBA has its own jersey, and the home and away jerseys are also different, and at certain times players will also wear retro jerseys to play the game, so that the NBA thirty teams jersey styles reach more than 60-90, each jersey has its own style characteristics, and each jersey is carefully crafted before entering the NBA jerseys market, and jerseys are also the best witness to the development of NBA basketball. The best witness, jerseys have even become the carrier of NBA basketball culture, and jerseys star card and become the “three pits” of basketball, the NBA has experienced decades of development, jerseys are becoming more and more beautiful, today the cousin will give you an inventory of the NBA’s five best-looking jerseys, the Lakers are not the first, the Bulls style design is perfect!

1、Bulls style design is the most perfect

Throughout the history of the Bulls, each jersey is inseparable from the red and white, the Bulls’ two jerseys laid down the design style and spindle of the future team, red and white with although very common, such as the Rockets’ jersey is red and white with, but there is no doubt or the Bulls’ best-looking, Bulls’ jerseys let people look at a dynasty of breath, the first deservedly.

2. The purple and gold Lakers came in second highest

Lakers dynasty we also call the purple and gold dynasty, familiar with the Lakers fans know that this is related to the Lakers jersey, purple and gold dynasty not only on behalf of the Lakers teammates brilliant past, but also because the Lakers team uniforms home to yellow, away to purple and yellow, two jerseys cross glow correspondingly set off the Lakers powerful strength, the Lakers jersey is also one of the most favorite jerseys of Chinese fans.

3. Nuggets sky blue jerseys

If the Nuggets can do better, then their jersey sales will definitely be good. With a wisp of sky blue floating over the Denver Highlands, the Nuggets’ jerseys are exactly in that hue, whether it’s white with blue lace or blue with white lace, the Nuggets’ jerseys look perfectly present.

4. A touch of green represents the Celtics

We habitually call the Celtics the Green Jackets, as the name implies because the Celtics jersey is green, the Celtics jersey is quite simple, the back printed with a clover, clover is an iconic plant in the Celtic living environment, so both the NBA and soccer Celtics have a clover logo, once the Boston Big Three wore the jersey, the more it showed the coldness of the Green Jackets legion.

5. Warriors jerseys are also quite popular

Today’s Warriors team strength league first, the Warriors jersey design style is also very perfect, the two together make the Warriors jersey is particularly popular, in recent years Curry’s jersey has even ranked first in the league, higher than the first person James, the Warriors jersey first look with their ball style, very gorgeous, so the Warriors can be on the list is not a controversial thing, of course, every fan has their favorite team, so everyone has their own favorite jersey, good-looking or ugly natural grasp in the hearts of different people.